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Title: Ogoma (solemn religious ceremony of Shingon-shu Buddhism)

Date: The ritual takes place at regular intervals daily, the first session starting at 6:00 AM in summer season, and at 6:30AM in winter season.

For inquiry of timing: Contact Kawasaki Daishi Heikenji Temple at +81-44-266-3420

The word “Goma” is derived from “homa” in Sanskrit and means “burning”, expressing the ritual of using fire from the Buddha’s wisdom to thoroughly burn off the worldly desires (the source of inner personal suffering).

The Goma constitutes burning of Goma wood in the fireplace of the Goma platform, situated in front of the principal holly Image of Kobo Daishi. This ritual starts with a memorial service for Kobo Daishi, and proceeds to burn off the worldly desires of the participants and expel their misfortune. The participants can also make their own wishes for the well-being of their family, business prosperity, recovery from illness, good luck, and so forth.


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