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Sinshuen Park

Title: Sinshuen Park (The largest Chinese-style natural landscape park in Japan)

Opening Hours: 9:00AM to 4:00PM (closed on Monday, or the following day if Monday is a public holiday. Also closed on 29-31 December.)

Admission : Free

Location: Located in the Daishi Park adjacent to the Kawasaki Daishi.

The City of Kawasaki maintains a sister city arrangement with Shenyang in China. As a symbol of this cooperative sister city relationship, Shenyang sent a team of gardening experts and engineers, to help Kawasaki City build a Chinese style natural landscape garden, commemorating the fifth anniversary of the sister city arrangement. The construction of the park was completed and the park opened to the public in 1987.

The park incorporates the Chinese traditional natural landscape gardening with classical garden styles developed in the Ming and Ching dynasty periods. The garden is surrounded by white walls, with ponds and multi-storied buildings inside, known for beautiful roofline of lapis lazuli tiles.


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